National Social Science and Humanities Research Council

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The National Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is an information and research support agency that helps in sustaining and promoting all Africans researchers home and abroad for post secondary based research and training in the humanities and social sciences. 

The support of the NSSHRC is focused at providing relevant information for social scientist which range from accessing scholarships and awards to training, creating forums for researchers to share their knowledge, experience and ethical standards, establish relationships across communities and institutions around the world, NSSHRC takes the advantage to support global leading projects that is dedicated to guarantying an improved society for Africans and the world.

Are you a researcher? About to write a project or writing for publishing? Here are the ideas you need to know before creating it. To be successful in conducting research, you must 

• take time to plan

• find a question that is both challenging and possible, both open and focused

• ensure that your research has a question

• explore many kinds of sources, not just textbooks 

• think analytically and imaginatively about what you find

• store notes in efficient and interesting ways

• collaborate with others and take on other people's views

• present your final ideas in inspiring and effective ways

• use what you find to solve a problem or make a difference

Our research and information

Research and information is a key forum on this website which set to analyze and question the approaches of social sciences and humanities research and teaching. Articles published in English only can be shared on the forum. 

The information from social sciences and humanities research present an extensive range of perspectives, including Anthropology, communication, criminology, cultural studies, economics, education, environment, history, human geography, international relations, internet, law, linguistics, media, politics, psychology, social psychology, social work and sociology.

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